George Benson · Lee Ritenour · Quincy Jones

Give Me the Night – George Benson (solo)

Something completely different! Even though they both only last for 8 bars each, I thought i’d transcribe Ge0rge Benson’s solo and the groove (played by fellow jazz guitarist Lee Ritenour) on this Quincy Jones-produced track. This solo is a really good example of developing a theme – the same, F minor arpeggio-based idea is repeated… Continue reading Give Me the Night – George Benson (solo)

Mike Stern · Miles Davis

Freddie Freeloader – Mike Stern’s Solo

Six choruses of great playing by Stern on a jam session favorite, from the 2002 record ‘Four Generations of Miles’. Stern features alongside fellow Davis-band alumni George Coleman, Jimmy Cobb and Ron Carter. Watch out for the extended 16th note phrases in this one – a Stern trademark perhaps, but his phrasing isn’t as clear… Continue reading Freddie Freeloader – Mike Stern’s Solo