John Scofield · Milt Jackson

Play – Mike Stern

Here’s the title track off Mike Stern’s 1999 release ‘Play’. It’s a fun rock-ish number which features John Scofield alongside Stern. Bill Frisell guests on ‘Blue Tone’ and ‘All Heart’ as well.

I’ve written the head out at crotchet = 115 and the solos at a double time feel as this seemed clearest to me listening to the track, but I guess you could feel the whole thing at one tempo throughout. On the whole the solos are over a C minor blues, but the head is over a groove constructed pretty much solely of power chords played by the piano and bass.

During the head each chord falls on the quaver beat directly after the four guitar semiquavers. This essentially builds up a cell of 3 quavers, which, when repeated, gives a sense of subdivision over the overall 4/4 pulse kept up in the drums.

Play (Full Score)Play - Full Score-page-001.jpgPlay - Full Score-page-002.jpgPlay - Full Score-page-003.jpg



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