Bill Evans

What Is This Thing Called Love? – Bill Evan’s solo (unfinished)

I found this recently while organizing sheet music to take to Oxford – I was set to transcribe this as homework by my Jazz teacher, the great pianist John Law. I obviously never finished it, as I was only able to find the first chorus and the two A sections and B section of the second chorus. I’m putting the unfinished transcription up here in case anyone can make use of it. When I transcribe piano I normally only transcribe the single line stuff going on in the right hand, so there may be a few sections which seem ’empty’ in comparison to some of the other charts on this blog.

Obviously because of how I found this transcription I’m not 100% certain it is correct in all regards. I probably won’t revisit this transcription for a while, but in case I do I’ll be sure to correct some of the errors which 17-year old me no doubt made.

What Is This Thing Called Love? – Full Scorewhat-is-this-thing-called-love-full-score-page-001what-is-this-thing-called-love-full-score-page-002what-is-this-thing-called-love-full-score-page-003


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