Cameron Pierre · Courtney Pine

John Leslie – Cameron Pierre

Here is another tune from Cameron Pierre’s album ‘Pad Up! (Get Ready)’. This one is obviously inspired by John Leslie (Wes) Montgomery, in particular the sort of sounds on the Boss Guitar album. The melody here is played entirely with the thumb, and Courtney Pine on baritone saxophone joins Pierre for both the intro, B section and at the very end.

The only thing to watch out in this one is the metrical and time-signature change at the end: the dotted crotchet feel which had been emphasized before over the vamp becomes the new crotchet pulse for a 4/4 swing feel.

John Leslie (Full Score)john-leslie-full-score-page-001-1John Leslie - Full Score-page-002 (1).jpgJohn Leslie - Full Score-page-003 (1).jpgJohn Leslie - Full Score-page-004 (1).jpg


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