Cameron Pierre · Courtney Pine

Mo’ Better Blues – Cameron Pierre’s Solo

I thought it’d be good to take a break from some of the more straight ahead stuff I’ve been posting recently and instead transcribe a great funk solo over a well-known standard. This one was made famous by Branford Marsalis but this version is by Cameron Pierre, from his album ‘Pad Up (Get Ready)’. Pierre is a guitarist originally from the Caribbean island of Dominica but now active on the UK scene. I picked this album up earlier this year largely because it features Courtney Pine as producer and also guesting on bari sax on a couple of tracks. At the time I had recently met Pine while doing some work on sound for a gig he was playing locally and had been listening to a lot of his output as a result.

Pierre holds top billing on this album, however, and his playing reminds me very much of Wes Montgomery crossed with a player like Robben Ford. Aside from the two tracks featuring Pine the bulk of this album is recorded in the classic Wes/Rhyne Organ trio format.

This tune is normally played in F# major but is transposed up a semitone for this recording. I’ve included both the solo as it is played on the record (in G concert) and also a transposed version in the usual F# major.

Mo’ Better Blues – Full Score (G Concert)

Mo’ Better Blues – Full Score (F# Concert)mo-better-blues-full-score-g-concert-page-001


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