Hank Mobley · John Coltrane

Tenor Conclave – Hank Mobley

I’ve been rediscovering some of the records Coltrane made as a sideman early in his career, one of which being ‘Tenor Conclave’, released in 1957 on Prestige records and featuring Hank Mobley, Zoot Sims and Al Cohn alongside Trane. Interestingly the first pressing was credited to the ‘Prestige All Stars’, but later pressings instead gave Coltrane the top billing. Nevertheless, each player gives some really great performances across the four numbers on offer.

I’m leaving transcriptions of the solos on this one to others as I’ve already seen a fair few floating around on the internet. Instead here’s a transcription of the Mobley-penned head. It’s a fairly simple Rhythm Changes-based chart reaching a brisk 262 beats per minute by the end. In order to keep the score easy to read I haven’t labelled who is playing each part in the head, but that should be easy to hear after a couple of passes. During some of the more polyphonic passages I also had to move two of the parts onto an ossia staff below the main staff in order to ensure easier reading.

There’s some great playing on this one, and the main theme is great to reference when soloing.

Tenor Conclave – Full ScoreTenor Conclave - Full Score-page-001.jpgTenor Conclave - Full Score-page-002.jpg


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