John Scofield

Picks and Pans (John Scofield’s solo) – John Scofield

Following on from my transcriptions of his solos on ‘Techno’ and ‘Protocol’ it seems right to post the final up-tempo solo from Sco’s 1986 Gramavision release ‘Still Warm’. Unlike the other two this one is in a fairly fast 3/4 with a greater emphasis on chord changes as opposed to static vamps.

The changes on this one work out to: four bars each of C#m7 and Bm7, two bars of G#o7 and G7, three bars of D7 followed by a bar of G#7, making a 16 bar form overall. This is supplemented by a interlude of 16 bars of straight C#m7 at the end, leading into a keyboard solo over a different set of changes. These 6 changes can actually be viewed as chunks of four bars each, with G#07 and G7 both sharing three notes apart from their root, and D7 and G#7alt (being tritone substitutions of each other) fitting over either D or G# altered scales.

As usual with Scofield’s soloing don’t take the written transcription as gospel. In general he usually plays slightly behind the beat; I’ve indicated where this is most prominent but make sure to use your ears in conjunction with the score!

Picks and Pans (solo) – Full ScorePicks and Pans (solo) - Full Score-page-001Picks and Pans (solo) - Full Score-page-002.jpgPicks and Pans (solo) - Full Score-page-003.jpg


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