John Scofield

Techno (John Scofield’s Solo) – John Scofield

Time for another John Scofield solo transcription! This one’s from my favorite early period Sco release, 1986s ‘Still Warm’, more specifically the first track ‘Techno’. Like another solo from this record which I’ve transcribed, ‘Protocol’, the harmonic framework for the solos is fairly simple – in this case, just Bbm7 and Db9. In fact, Darryl Jones’ bass line is unchanging throughout the whole solo (barring any fills), leaving Don Grolnick’s fade-in chords to delineate between the two.

Rather than sticking to one scale for both chords Sco really makes the most of the altered and diminished scales over the second chord. Check out the fantastic bop lick outlining an arpeggio of the tritone substitute, G7, beginning on the last quaver of bar 58, along with the cool bit of side-slipping outlining B minor in bar 24. There’s some diminished stuff from 63-64 too.

In any case, regardless of the harmony, Sco really burns it up in this long solo!

Techno – Full ScoreTechno - Full Score-page-001.jpgTechno - Full Score-page-002.jpgTechno - Full Score-page-003.jpg


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