Kenny Burrell

Tommy’s Tune (Kenny Burrell’s solo) – Tommy Flanagan

I was meaning to post this last week but unfortunately was struck down with flu and unable to finish the last two choruses until today. Not much to say about this one other than that it’s five choruses of great blues soloing by Kenny Burrell from the 1957 album ‘The Cats’, featuring Flanagan and Burrell alongside… Continue reading Tommy’s Tune (Kenny Burrell’s solo) – Tommy Flanagan

John Scofield

Picks and Pans (John Scofield’s solo) – John Scofield

Following on from my transcriptions of his solos on ‘Techno’ and ‘Protocol’ it seems right to post the final up-tempo solo from Sco’s 1986 Gramavision release ‘Still Warm’. Unlike the other two this one is in a fairly fast 3/4 with a greater emphasis on chord changes as opposed to static vamps. The changes on… Continue reading Picks and Pans (John Scofield’s solo) – John Scofield

John Scofield

Techno (John Scofield’s Solo) – John Scofield

Time for another John Scofield solo transcription! This one’s from my favorite early period Sco release, 1986s ‘Still Warm’, more specifically the first track ‘Techno’. Like another solo from this record which I’ve transcribed, ‘Protocol’, the harmonic framework for the solos is fairly simple – in this case, just Bbm7 and Db9. In fact, Darryl… Continue reading Techno (John Scofield’s Solo) – John Scofield