Robben Ford

Traveler’s Waltz – Robben Ford

Here’s another first for this blog – a tune with lyrics! This is from Robben’s 2013 album ‘Bringing It Back Home’, from which I’ve previously transcribed the instrumental ‘On That Morning’. ‘Traveler’s Waltz’ is a pretty Jazz Waltz with some interesting, modal changes and a short and sweet solo by Robben.

A thought on these changes: I wasn’t sure exactly how to notate the first chord in bar 41. The notes (Ab, F, B and E) initially suggested Db7#9 with a root of Ab, however the Db itself sounds dissonant in the context of the Ab diminished 7th chord which follows it. Instead I decided to write it as Abm13(#5) – a chord which I’ve never seen before but seems to convey the necessary information!

In case it wasn’t clear, both the vocal melody AND the guitar countermelody should be read down an octave!

Traveler’s Waltz – Full ScoreTraveler's Waltz - Full Score-page-001Traveler's Waltz - Full Score-page-002.jpg


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